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Proyecto "INSIDE OUT" en Israel y Palestina


Directo del sitio Web del proyecto "Inside Out" acá:

JR and his team has before done projects in the Westbank area, called Face2Face, where they took pictures of people from both sides of the wall, and pasted them up on the both sides of the wall for people from both Israel and Palestine to look at. When being asked whos is "palestenian" and "from Israel" no one could notice the difference. This project was highly noticed both in the media and a big hit on the net. 

This time, JR and his team have set up four giant photobooths (Centre Pompidou Paris-Style) from 3-11th of September and turning out 1,000 photos each day. Both Palestinians and Israelis are invited to visit and receive a larg-format portrait. The portrait is given in exchange for a personal statement, and they can paste it wherever they wish. 

The project is called "Time Is Now, Yalla!" because "Yalla!" is an Arabic word used by both Palestinians and Israelis to say "let's go".