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Crítica KELP: "Gotik" (inglés)


The second great book from the german publisher H.F. Ullmann just landed in the offices of

"GOTHIC" a monumental document, an epic visual journey throughout the gothic style and buildings of the Gothic times.

The book has dizzying numbers such as the size :

- 288 mm x 393 mm with a total of 568 pages
- Over 600 full color images
- 2 pages that open up to form up to 8 pages .... for very long pictures of f.e.: buildings
- Hand-tied


It is just amazing, not only because of the size but mainly because it is everything there that has to do with gothic architecture, painting and culture.

Authors Rolf Toman (editor), Achim Bednorz (photographer) and Bruno Klein (author) have carried out in recent years a extensive research about the gothic period (1140-1500).

Gothic Art is the historiographical name of a artistic style that developed in Western Europe during the last centuries of the Middle Ages, since the mid- twelfth century until the introduction of the Renaissance (XV century in Italy), and well into the sixteenth century in places where the Gothic survived longer.

It is a long artistic period, which arises in the north of France and expands throughout the West.


The 'Gothic' word is the adjective corresponding to "Goth" and was used in this context for the first time by the Florentine scholar Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) .

Gothic architecture placed special emphasis on the structural lightness and ships lighting inside buildings. It took some from the "Romanesque" but ended oppose to the massive volumes and poor lighting inside their churches.

Developed primarily in religious architecture (such as churches and monasteries), having its greatest success in building great cathedrals.

The book is simply a beauty. "Gothic" carried to paper.


We recommend it highly and believe there should be more attempts to achieve such great printed object. Specially with so astonishing interior pictures.

For those interested in painting, sculpture and Gothic architecture. This is your book!

You can find it directly here.