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Pixação Graffiti Video de Joao Wainer

via Urbanartcore:

Joao Wainer is a photographer who lives in São Paulo and documents the Pixação Graffiti in his hometown. He already released several photographs and videos about that unique urban art and writing style, which comes from the favelas into the big Brazilian cities.

For this reason, "Cool Hunting" did a nice and interesting Pixação graffiti video with him. In this short documentation, he explains some letters and talks about the ideas behind that graffiti movement. Unfortunately, the video is some month old, but a must to see. And because I haven't wrote anything about Pixação yet, I will now show you this nice film.

By the way, one of Joao Wainer's films, called "Pixo", is shown at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, as a part of the "Born in the Streets" graffiti exhibition, which was extended until January 10th, 2010 because of its great success.


Luz, Cámara, "Pixacao": ver video acá.

Pixo, a documentary about São Paulo's pixação, directed by João Wainer with art direction from the artist Alexandre Orion, had his word premiere yesterday (July 5th), in Paris. The screening was part of Né dans la rue: Graffiti (Born in streets: Graffiti), the upcoming exhibition of Fondation Cartier, the world famous center for contemporary art. ... Cripta, a pixo writer, and Barry McGee were chosen to cover the building walls. Wainer said on his twitter: "While Cripta was painting, an amount of people came to see. 'It's gorgeous', said the (exhibition) curator." He also commented that Barry McGee said to Cripta: "what you guys do it's the real street art. You rock. It's the most impressive thing on this exhibition" It's very ironic, and even funny, that one of the most hated expressions in Brazil now is in the same place of contemporary artists, as Beatriz Milhazes, the most valuable Brazilian contemporary artist alive, and who once did the center walls. "The Fondation Cartier director wants to go to Brasil to understand more about pixação. Why Brazilian galleries take so long to understand?" asks the director."

Video de Pixacao en Sao Paolo, Brasil

Un poco de pixacaos en Sao Paolo y algunos trazos en vivo para hacerse una idea de lo que día a día sucede en esa metrópolis.

Via: Ilovegraffiti


Todos ya saben lo que son los pixacaos o bien pixos. Bien, si por alguna razón no lo sabes la imagen lo puede explicar perfectamente. Son tipografias diseñadas y creadas 100% por gente en Sao Paolo, Brasil. Por lo general con contenido mas bien religioso (no político) estos personajes no se consideran grafiteros.
Sus trabajos se pueden ver en TODA la ciudad sobre todo en fachadas de altura.

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