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Jose Parla, Os Gemeos y más en la exposición "The Thousands" en Londres, Inglaterra


Desde el sitio europeo Urbanartcore:

This evening, artworks from some of the best and most popular street artists in the world will come together in London for the street art group exhibition, called "The Thousands".

In addition to works by Jose Parla, WK Interact, Swoon, Faile, Os Gemeos and Banksy, there will be some by Know Hope, Adam Neate, Herakut, Armsrock, Barry McGee, Elbow-Toe and others! So you can say that "The Thousands" is a meeting of the worldwide street art scene's "Who's Who".

Additionally there will be presented a special book by Michael "RJ" Rushmore of Vandalog at this exhibition, called "The Thousands: Painting Outside, Breaking In", which shows urban artworks of the exhibiting artists.

If you happen to be in London today, take some time to visit that amazing-sounding exhibition, and send me your photos ;-)


Via urbanartcore.