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K.E.L.P. Spreads His Style Far and Wide: Street Art from South America to Europe

K.E.L.P. stands for Kultura En La Pared (Kulture On The Wall). It's my pseudonym. I've loved colors from an early age, and especially the political murals that started to pop up in Chile in the '80s and '90s . They impressed me with thier vivid, saturated colors, and occupied vast surfaces.

Graffiti started for me by by watching first. I'd observe graffiti writers paint and my love for the art grew fast in Plaza Italia, Santiago's downtown area, where the one and only graffiti shop was (Otra Vida).

I followed the wave of graffiti out of Santiago and into other cities within Chile and then outside of South America, and I painted with friends and slowly came to know many great people who were also creating and developing the art. This pushed me and I grew and learned within the medium that has become my life's passion.

Right now I am living in Europe, immersing myself in new experiences, learning and observing. I sustain myself by painting and creating and selling my work to companies. My love for the art has enabled me to be independent and travel the world.




KELP presente a modo de información en Matador Networks. Este es un portal Web que resume y recopila anécdotas y cuentos de viajeros y viajes. Algo así como una gran bitácora de mucha gente que está en diferentes partes del planeta.
Una perfecta opción para conocer otros parajes y gente diversa con mismos fines e ideales.

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