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Metaesquemas por Azambuja, Portugal

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Resumen en inglés de la segunda exposición de Azambuja en Portugal:

"In his second exhibition in Portugal Marlon de Azambuja presents us three different but interrelated bodys of work. Around 200 photographs and drawings occupy the walls forming a long route through Lisbon, a route that the artist has already made in Madrid (city where he lives now) and in São Paulo. The photographs are taken on the streets, more specifically of the ground of Lisbon, formerly the calçada (characteristic paving of Lisbon) or the regular asphalt. The objects on the images are sewage covers, gutter, access covers to electrical and phone wire.
Those objects are evidence of our civilization and traces of the sub-structure of our daily life. Marlon de Azambuja connects the caps, grids, plates through a black line which projects them into a universe of conscious forms: trapezoids, rectangles and squares more geometrical shapes.
The title "Metaesquemas" inevitably links to the work of Hélio Oiticica and the "Movimento Neoconcreto Brasileiro" (Brazilian neoconcrete movement). It is a tribute not so devoid of sense of humor, is it? In his older series like for instance Potencial Escultorico the artist had already explored the relationship between everyday life and Art. He brings already present smouldering elements to the surface, proving that the artist still has "carte blanche" to observe what surrounds him in another way, a different look. The video Pangea Choco-emphasizes the irony showing the genesis of our planet with its continents making an inflection until their disappearance and disintegration ... in a glass of milk."

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